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Press Releases

Since 1994, the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) program has been in operation. Through this program, the United States government over the past eight years has provided $250,000 in funding to help support self-help projects that were submitted and completed by more than 50 community groups and civil society NGOs.

What makes the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help program so unique is that all of the inspiration and ideas come from Comorians. After receiving the funding the Comorians are then responsible for ensuring that the projects are successfully completed in combination with a significant level from local contributors.

We hope that the partnerships will promote new sustainable possibilities at the local community and village level. Most recently, through the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help program the Sewing Formation from Drindri, Anjouan received a grant that helped them to purchase sewing machines that were used to teach women how to the skill of sewing.