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Press Releases

Through a partnership with the University of Comoros, the U.S. Embassy founded an American Corner on its campus to serve as a safe space for students to learn about the United States and to improve their English language skills. Bryan Smedley, an English Language Fellow (ELF), worked closely with the Embassy’s Public Affairs Section to provide support and assistance to the American Corner in Comoros.

One of his major tasks was the establishment of an English language program at the American Corner, which lead to the creation of an ESL course being added to the University of Comoros’ curriculum. In particular, Mr. Smedley’s effort lead to an emphasis on English clubs and English pre-service teacher courses. In accordance with the Ministry of Interior’s requirements, Bryan help students organize the Yes We Can You Association of Comoros. Together they were able to develop free ESL lessons for its members with an agreement that they would share what they had learned with others.

By working closely with the Ministry of Education and the English Language inspector in Comoros, Smedley was able to bring out an English language Specialist to come to Comoros. Both Bryan and the English Language Specialist held workshops through Comoros on how to develop an English language curriculum. During his yearlong stay in Comoros, Bryan taught a three month ESL methods course for university faculty. In collaboration with the International Story-Telling Project, another initiative funded by the Public Affairs Section, Bryan was able to promote tourism in Comoros through the creation of an ESL tour guide association. 

 Mr. Smedley efforts extended beyond the University of Comoros, he help to create the first ESL TV program on National Television and volunteered at the Comoros English Language Institute. We are currently in the process of arranging to bring another ELF to Comoros for the upcoming academic year.